Interior Design Trends 2017

By: Rick Hess/Mae Case, DI

It’s hard to believe that another year has gone by since our last Interior Design Trends post. For 2016, we predicted that interior design trends would focus inward, moving away from technology-centered rooms and finding a real connection with nature. These ideas will spill into 2017 with trends like escapism and natural palettes, providing creative outlets to help inhabitants disconnect and unplug from reality. Additionally, we are going to see an emphasis on functionality by maximizing a space to suit the needs of multiple types of users with furniture, color and innovative ideas in lighting.

Interior Design Trends 2017


Technology now seems ubiquitous, and every year homes are becoming more and more advanced.  At the same time, people are realizing that they need to escape from the tech to have peace and solitude.  Homes are being designed with detached bedrooms and living spaces are removing the gadgets.  The need to reconnect to our environment is here and we believe this will continue to thrive throughout 2017.

Nature’s Palette

Those who want homes to be an escape will likely be modifying the way they design both the interior and the exterior of their dwellings.  Architects and interior designers are allowing nature to drive the color palette within their structures.  Residents are gravitating towards natural tones that soften a space.  Keeping the design warm and inviting and allowing nature’s palette to take its course will surely thrive through the new year.

Function Defined by Color

Color has a profound psychological impact on the users of any environment, and we are now seeing a trend using color to define spaces and functions within buildings.  Every space has a purpose and offices are incorporating these ideas by clearly marking zones with color per function. We expect to see this trend cropping up in homes this year as well.

Sculpting Light

Light is one of the most important aspects of architecture and interior design, and LED technology continues to advance.  We are noticing that designers are getting more intelligent with the ways they use light.  Sculpted light panels are making their way into the built design and it’s not just because it looks cool.  Sculpted light acts as a branding tool and can make spaces “more appealing to prospective tenants, particularly creative companies,” according to Jenna McKnight of Dezeen.  This might just boost the economy and help more businesses flourish this year.

Interior design trends are reflections of the lifestyle changes we embrace as a society. As our beliefs and attitudes shift about certain behaviors and standards, it’s reflected in the built environment around us. What these trends show is that users continue to crave spaces that allow us to disconnect and unplug as needed and that these spaces be highly functional as well. Whether you are taking advantage of escapism or using light to rebrand your business, we expect these trends to stay strong throughout 2017 and drive creative projects around the globe.