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DI Details Newsletter NOV. 2009 Design Institute of San Diego

DI Senior Corine Maggio interviewed former DI student and Professional Interior Designer, Kelly Berg, about her school experience, her professional path and advice for DI students.

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Current DI student Corine Maggio is one of seven designers who participated in "The Nations Next Top Model Home" contest. The designers were given 28 days and $5,000 to transform their empty house into the winning top model home.

"As the only interior design student chosen to participate in the competition, it was exciting and a little intimidating at first," confides Corine. Some of her fellow competitors had been designing interiors since she was born! The hardest part for her was to fly back and forth from California to North Carolina while maintaining a full course load at school, working part time and doing her internship. But how could she possibly pass up the opportunity to have her design be seen by the entire nation?

"I made sure to stay true to my design philosophy by purchasing 99% of all items in the room from local and privately-owned businesses." she says. "I also incorporated the community by going to the local Boys and Girls Club and talking to the kids about why they loved living there." She then took their words to a local photographer who used them as inspiration to take photos of the area. Corine combined the images and words into a unique art piece that served as the basis of her design concept.

"I am incredibly proud of what I accomplished. The experience has not only opened many doors in a networking sense but has also given me more confidence in my design abilities: the ability to work under pressure and within a budget, as well as my space planning skills, color selection and furniture choices."

"I would encourage students to be involved with competitions and try new things even if they are scary because growth occurs when we step out of our comfort zone. Attending Design Institute of San Diego has already put me at an advantage, but I will continue to seek out and create opportunities outside of school. As I get ready to graduate this December, I believe I have the commitment, passion and patience to see anything through!" or

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