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DI Details Newsletter November 2009Design Institute of San Diego
What's Happening at DI:
DI Senior Corine Maggio interviewed former DI student and Professional Interior Designer, Kelly Berg, about her school experience, her professional path and advice for DI students.
Quick Sketch, Drawing and Composition and Color Theory and Application were by far my favorite courses. I had never taken an art class before DI, and absolutely fell in love with all of these classes. I definitely utilize these skills on an almost daily basis. Quick Sketch, especially. When I'm meeting with a client, sometimes the best way to communicate is through a drawing. Read more >>
Kelly's Story
Kelly's Story
University of California San Diego (UCSD) Showcases Dormitory Room Designs by Design Institute of San Diego (DISD) Interior Design Students
"We had six teams of interior design students develop their ideas and concepts about what they vision a fully furnished student apartment could be, and now have awarded the six teams the opportunity to actually implement each of their designs in a unit", said Mark Cunningham, Executive Director of Housing, Dining and Hospitality; UCSD. Read more >>
DI Students at UCSD
DI Students at UCSD
Ireland Tour 2009: Trip Highlights
Early Sunday morning, May 17th, 2009, the clouds opened up over the Emerald Isle and a Continental Flight from Newark landed in Dublin. The skies were cloudy and a fine mist was falling but, for fifteen excited travelers from San Diego, the weather and early hour didn't matter. Read more >>

Upcoming Tours
Tour Highlights for Great Houses of Europe: The Treasures of Spain 2010 Read more >>
Ireland Tour Photo
Ireland Tour Photo
Alumni News
Working for Jackson Design & Remodeling, Tatiana consistantly wins local awards and hearts... Read more >>

Student Awards
Corine Maggio is one of seven designers who participated in "The Nations Next Top Model Home" contest. Read more >>
Kristy Kropat, Alumni
Tatiana Machado-Rojas, Alumni
DI Instructor News
Instructor and ASID Student Chapter Advisor, Anne Kellett. recently won a design competition for a cat habitat at the San Diego Humane Society. Read more >>

DI Instructor and architect, Lily Robinson, has written a textbook due out this fall. It is primarily to accompany studio courses such as IDV and Senior Project. Read more >>
Lily Robinson's New Book
Lily Robinson's New Book
Instructor Earl Storm Talks About His Class: The Creative Process
What is the creative process class about? Based upon the quintessential book, The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron and Mark Bryan published in 1992, in a nutshell, this class gives us tools for effective and playful self management so we can pursue our creative passions and talents. It establishes inner tools for success against professional challenges that we all face. Read more >>
Earl Sorm, DI Instructor
Earl Sorm, DI Instructor
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