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DI Details Newsletter NOV. 2009 Design Institute of San Diego

DI Senior Corine Maggio interviewed former DI student and Professional Interior Designer, Kelly Berg, about her school experience, her professional path and advice for DI students.

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Instructor Earl Storm Talks About His Class: The Creative Process

Instructor Earl Storm Talks about his class: The Creative Process

What is the creative process class about?
Based upon the quintessential book, The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron and Mark Bryan published in 1992, in a nutshell, this class gives us tools for effective and playful self management so we can pursue our creative passions and talents. It establishes inner tools for success against professional challenges that we all face.

Why is this an important class for interior design students?
Since we are in the creative realm, we face common challenges as designers. We share the creative process regardless of the art form. So the tools are universal and can be appropriately applied to who you are as an interior designer. The first day of class I ask, "How passionate are you about being an interior designer?" On a scale of one to ten, if you are not a nine or a ten, take this class.

What do you enjoy most about teaching this class?
Being in the company of artists and creatives, igniting their passions and their belief in themselves, that they are artists and will succeed.

What is your background?
I have a background in set design for the musical theater, and have taken interior design classes. Right now, I am a political cartoonist and have recently published a book.

How did you start teaching the creative process class?
The trials and tribulations of getting my cartoon strip syndicated in 1995 led me to taking this class from a local facilitator. And that led to the success of my cartoon strip. It illustrates the classic scenario "when the student is ready, the teacher appears." I have been a practitioner of the process and facilitator ever since.

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