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DI Details Newsletter July 2010Design Institute of San Diego
What's Happening at DI:
Another DI Alum We're Proud Of!
At DI we sometimes meet students whose work we think may someday really impact others. One such student is Kristy Kropat, class of 2007. Two years after opening her own studio she's started winning awards and gotten featured in a range of publications. No wonder she's being sought after.

Let's walk through some of Kristy's early successes...! >>
Kristy Kropat - DI Alum
Kristy Kropat - DI Alum
June 5th was a special day for 40+ DI students faculty and staff who gathered to change the lives of some fellow San Diegans. Working together as volunteers for the 15th annual Community HousingWorks Facelift Event, that renovated the 500th home that this program has helped.

DI Students, Faculty and Staff
DI Students, Faculty and Staff
Surviving the 1:2 Student Design Charette
"The first rule is 'Don't Panic'" said Ford Fairlane in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. It was good advice for Gerald Bouvia and Phillip Dockery as they entered the AIA 1:2 Student Design Charette. Although words like "Overwhelming" and "Stressful" came up when recounting the event, both consider it to be among the best experiences they've had in their nascent interior design careers.

See why Phillip says "It was probably as close to real life as we're likely to get for the moment." >>
Phillip Dockery & Gerald Bouvia III
Phillip Dockery & Gerald Bouvia III
There's no experience on earth like that first visit to Spain. Going with friends from DI makes it even more special...if such a thing is possible. Find out what happens when 19 people spend two weeks in Spain together touring the countryside, immersing themselves in history, and having the time of their lives.

Follow this link to see what happened... >>
Di Trip to Spain
DI Trip to Spain
LIBRARIAN'S CORNER - Art from Around the World
DI's library makes every effort to be the one resource you can always turn to for research assistance, for specific design information or for those extra special volumes. That's why DI has acquired several exciting new books about art and architecture from other countries, all generously sized and fabulously illustrated.

Learn more about these great new books >>
The Art and Architecture of Persia
The Art and Architecture of Persia
July promises to be hotter than usual with concerts and exhibits galore. We've tracked down some of the best ones for you here.

Here are just some of your options for the coming weeks >>
Cultural Events Around San Diego
Cultural Events Around San Diego
Where you choose to go to College really does make a difference!

See how a dream can become a career...
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