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Have You Met Lisa Schattman Yet?

Anyone who knows Lisa Schattman isn't surprised she landed a job as our librarian this past September.

Interested in travel, languages, history, and different cultures, the 30-year old Fort Worth, Texas native has always been an avid reader, musician, and dancer. "I just like to learn stuff." she laughs.

Boy is THAT an understatement! "I was at Wellesley taking a broad range of classes and trying to figure out my next move. Along the way I discovered I really enjoyed Computer Science classes, so I kept taking more and decided to major in CS. I also kept taking history and religion classes because I really enjoyed those as well, and eventually I realized that if I kept taking all the classes I wanted just for fun, I would have enough for a major. Next thing you know I'm a double major - Middle Eastern studies and Computer Science - and I even graduated Cum Laude in both.

Now it's true I did have to add a language to get the Middle Eastern Studies major. I opted for Biblical Hebrew, which I otherwise wouldn't have taken.

But what I've found is that Computer Science is such a practical application. It's the area of study that really turns me on!"

Five years as a computer engineer followed.

"That's when my career kind of hiccupped" Lisa confesses. "I'm a people person. So while I enjoyed being up late at night, just the computers and me, I discovered a few things. For instance, you can't get into a debate about El Greco's Assumption of the Virgin with a computer. They're cold comfort after a long stretch of research. And given the choice, I don't particularly care for fixing them."

With a computer's limits firmly in mind, Lisa shifted gears again. "A curious thing happened one day at the supermarket. I'd finished my shopping and the checker asked me if I was either a librarian or an engineer. Without realizing it I had organized all my groceries by the room for which they were destined." The proverbial light bulb went on over her head.

So she went after her library degree in graduate school at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. Then she got published. Then she joined us.

Here at DI, Lisa's in charge of thousands of books, magazines and design materials. And then there's the internet.

"I was hired to add technology to the library. We just put in a whole new automated library system to track materials and help students find things from home." she says, adding "We're also working right now on developing a new web site that will be used exclusively for library research."

Between that, blogs, social media, and several other big projects she's coordinating, Lisa Schattman is keeping VERY busy these days.

Too busy? "Heck no! I love my job. And I love the instant gratification that comes from helping people find what they need and learning what makes them tick."

"It's very satisfying to be able to help people on an immediate basis. I love hearing about what students here are working on, and I always learn something about every subject they're exploring."

"This is an environment that motivates creative people to generate wonderful ideas!" she reports.

If you haven't yet met Lisa face to face, by all means drop by the library and introduce yourself. She'll be the helpful one sitting at the front desk.

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