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Fairie-ality Style: A Sourcebook of Inspirations from Nature, by David Ellwand
Candlewick Press, 2009

A stained-glass window made from twigs and tulip petals. Chairs made from dandelions. A tea service made from acorns. A rug made from feathers. In this lusciously photographed sourcebook of design ideas, the author showcases his whimsical creations for the fairy world. No text distracts from the full-color photographs of waterfalls, birds' nests and fields of wildflowers, nor from the author's designs inspired by these scenes. Many of the tableaus are accompanied by a palette of the colors drawn together by nature. A butterfly wing is paired with a palette of brilliant blue, teal, brown and black; an autumn leaf with reds and golds. And don't miss the surprising sources of inspiration: a sea urchin's palette of greens, or a close-up of a toad's head that reveals a palette of reds, oranges and browns. Whether you need a color scheme for a kitchen, a theme for a restaurant, or a guide to understanding how to incorporate ideas and elements from nature into your designs, this is an inviting and compelling place to start.

This book and other great interior design resources are available at the Design Institute of San Diego Library.

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