Top Holiday Gifts for Interior Designers, Architects & Creative Individuals

Top Holiday Gifts for Interior Designers, Architects & Creative Individuals

By: Rick Hess, DISD

The holidays are here, so why not take advantage of some of Design Institute’s recommendations for the best gifts of the year? Here are our picks for the top holiday gifts for interior designers, architects and creative individuals.

Top Holiday Gifts for Interior Designers, Architects and Creative Individuals:


A subscription to Dwell Magazine


Get your creative inspiration from one of the world’s leading design magazines.  This is a must have for anyone in a design-related field.  Dwell offers both digital and print subscriptions.


Lego Architecture


One of the top picks for 2013!  Lego offers a number of different buildings designed by some of the most prestigious architects of the 20th century, as well as architectural masterpieces throughout history. Sets are available on Lego’s website.


Eames: The Architect and the Painter


This is a great film featuring the amazing story and work of Ray and Charles Eames.   Every designer should own this DVD, available on Amazon for less than $20.


A subscription to Interior Design Magazine


Take advantage of this online offer from internationally renowned Interior Design Magazine, and give the gift of creative knowledge to that special person during the holidays.


SanDisk Extreme Thumb Drive


Store all of your design work on this small, portable USB thumb drive.   It’s one of the fastest drives out there and has the perfect amount of storage space.  Read more about it and find a link to it on Amazon here.


Multicolored wireless Bluetooth light bulb

Photo: Ariel Zambelich/Wired


Buy your friends a wireless Bluetooth light bulb that can be controlled with their iPhones.  Amazon has one for less than $50 with thousands of color options!


A gift certificate for Blick Art Supplies

Paint can with brush

Visit your local San Diego Blick Art Supply Store and purchase a gift card for your creative friends! You may also find the perfect art supply gift here.


Bluetooth shower speakers


Rock out or listen to inspiring music in the shower with these trendy Bluetooth enabled speakers.


A book on sketching techniques


There are a ton of books on Amazon to teach designers how to sketch all types of environments.


An interior design education at Design Institute of San Diego


And finally, what could be a better gift than the gift of education? DESIGN INSTITUTE OF SAN DIEGO is a place where vision becomes reality, creativity knows no bounds, and students and design experts explore possibilities side by side.  Learn how a specialized interior design school in California can help you gain access to a rewarding career. Wherever you are in your life – recent high school graduate, transferring college student, or someone searching for a satisfying new career – Design Institute of San Diego provides the education for tomorrow’s interior design leaders.





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