Refresh: Landscape Design Around the Globe

Refresh: Landscape Design Around the Globe

Spring is transforming our landscapes into flourishing environments full of new life. Landscape design around the globe is enhanced with beauty while fresh springs and waterfalls flow freely. Design Institute of San Diego decided to take a short recess from interior design and acknowledge the beauty in which we live. This blog post is a tribute to the spring season and a reminder that the landscape around us provides breathtaking inspiration. Allow the images in this post to take you around the world and give you the opportunity to revitalize and refresh.

By Rick Hess, DISD

refresh 2
Seljalandsfoss Falls, Iceland



refresh 3
Multnomah Falls, Oregon
refresh 4
Vintgar Gorge, Slovenia
refresh 5
Blue Lagoon, Iceland
refresh 6
Pongua Falls, Vietnam
refresh 7
The gardens at Marqueyssac, France
refresh 8
Hamilton Pool Nature Preserve, Texas
refresh 9
Yushan National Park, Taiwan
refresh 10b
The Garden of Saiho Ji In, Japan

From the beautiful gardens of Saiho in Japan to the Pongua Falls in Vietnam, all illustrate the amazing beauty of our natural landscapes. Whether created by natural conditions or subtly manipulated by a landscape architect, these environments bring us to a place of peace and tranquility. Use this post to refresh and re-spark those creative outlets before returning to the wonderful world of interior design.


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