Interior Design Trends 2017

By: Rick Hess/Mae Case, DISD


It’s hard to believe that another year has gone by since our last Interior Design Trends post. For 2016, we predicted that interior design trends would focus inward, moving away from technology-centered rooms and finding a real connection with nature. These ideas will spill into 2017 with trends like escapism and natural palettes, providing creative outlets to help inhabitants disconnect and unplug from reality. Additionally, we are going to see an emphasis on functionality by maximizing a space to suit the needs of multiple types of users with furniture, color and innovative ideas in lighting. – Read More –

Creative Gift Ideas

Creative Gift Ideas – 2016

By: Rick Hess/Mae Case, DISD

If you’re looking to impress friends and family this holiday season with gifts that are truly unique, we’ve got you covered. This time of year can often become stressful, and being on the lookout for the perfect, memorable gift only adds unnecessary frustration. To put your mind at ease, we took the guesswork out of the equation and curated a list of fun and unique gifts for creative individuals, and for anyone else in your life who appreciates great design. – Read More –

Tiki Takeover

Tiki Takeover

By: Rick Hess & Mae Case, DISD

It might be too tacky for some, but others embrace it with open arms. Wherever you stand when it comes to Tiki, one thing’s for sure: there’s no mistaking this style when you come across it. Although inspired by Tiki statues and mythology of the South Pacific, the connection is loose and stylistic. Americans embraced it in the 20th century and to this day, some of the country’s most entertaining lounge bars and restaurants are covered floor to ceiling with its aesthetic. So dim the lights, settle in, and let the Tiki takeover.

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Interior Design Trends 2016

By: Rick Hess/Mae Case

Interior design trends are reflections of the lifestyle changes we embrace in society. As our mindsets and attitudes shift about certain behaviors and ideals, it’s often reflected in the built environment surrounding us. Design Institute of San Diego predicts that 2016 will be a year in which interior design focuses inward: a step back from using technology as a room’s focal point and opting for knowledge and enrichment to take the center stage instead, open spaces that can be customized easily to fit the demands of a family’s day-to-day needs, customization to suit the owner’s personality, and a continued acceptance of building spaces with a strong connection with nature and that promote health and well-being.

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Transitioning Into Fall

Lazy days at the beach, cannonballs and daydreams by the pool, surfing until sundown and another epic road trip to memorialize the dog days of summer … there are countless reasons why so many of us live for the summer season. It’s the time of the year we collectively let out a gigantic sigh of relief and allow ourselves to unwind mentally and physically. Even with the grueling sun beating down upon us, everything we do takes on a more mellow rhythm – it’s a rhythm of ease and relaxation that spring was preparing us for.

As the summer fun winds down and we transition into fall, many are preparing for the first day of school and their easy states of mind are suddenly making room for to-do lists. However, before you put away your summer gear, Design Institute of San Diego has put together a list of local retreats – true gems of nature – that anyone can make a trip to for at least one last summertime adventure. These locations offer majestic, calming views that are certain to make transitioning into fall a painless experience.

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Interior Design: Computer Software Enhancements

By: Rick Hess, Mae Case

Technology advances at such a rapid rate in this day and age that it seems like as soon as one gets acquainted with the latest software or app, a new version replaces it, prolonging the learning process. This rapid evolution, however, allows interior designers and architects to dazzle their clients with project renderings enhanced by the ever grander tools and tricks that come with the latest 3D software upgrade. With each iteration, designers are able to create renderings that are much more realistic, thus making it easier for clients to envision the end result.  Design Institute of San Diego explores a few of the more widely used computer software programs for interior designers and architects and, more specifically, the latest features not found in older versions.

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Interior Design Trends in 2015

By: Mae Case/Rick Hess, DISD

As we find ourselves at the start of a new year, amidst a cloud of well-intentioned New Year’s Resolutions and new gym memberships, we find ourselves searching for that certain defining goal that will pave the rest of the year for us.  In the interior design world, these “goals” are often triggered by expert trend forecasts. Designers consult color trend forecasts by Pantone to see what the Color of the Year will be for integration into current and upcoming projects. They attend trade shows to see what prints are making their way up to the top of the textile piles. Sometimes, interior design trends aren’t tangible elements, but are behavioral patterns that emerge and reshape the status quo. – Read More –

Exploring Color, Texture and Pattern Through Hospitality Design 1

Exploring Color, Texture, and Pattern through Hospitality Design

By:  Rick Hess/Mae Case, DISD


Color, Texture, and Pattern through Hospitality Design

No one really knows why they enjoy the things that they do. We are drawn to particular objects and places and rarely stop to consider what’s behind that pull. Our surrounding environments and the elements within them can dramatically affect moods and feelings, but just what is it about them that prompts action or influences our emotions? In the creative realm, interior designers are aware of the power behind three essential design elements: color, texture and pattern. Interior designers use these elements intentionally in varied ways throughout every space, always keeping the concept and goals of the project in mind, and these three components are often largely responsible for a person’s gut reaction when stepping into a room.

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Horseplay: Equine Design Takes the Spotlight

By: Rick Hess, DISD

“I’m just so lucky – my office is a racetrack. That is something I’m very thankful for. It’s exciting, and it’s challenging, and there are a lot of emotions and nerves that come with it, but right there before the gates open, before that minute and a half or two minutes of the race, it just hits you.”  -Chantal Sutherland, jockey in North American Thoroughbred horse racing

The invigorating smell of freshly cut turf, the low roar of the eager crowd, the endless entertainment of watching people sporting high fashion and possibly a hat – all fall to the background once the jockeys are lined up on their trusty mounts at the starting gate. For a moment, silence envelopes the racetrack.  And then “they are off”, as the heart-pounding excitement erupts again and it’s a race to the finish. Welcome to the world of thoroughbred horseracing.

The relationship between a horse and rider is truly a special bond and while many look to the jockeys as the star athletes, their equine co-stars are essential in bringing home the glory. A great amount of energy goes into caring for these race horses, and the efficient design of their stables and the racetracks take into consideration the behaviors and needs of these four-legged racers as well as the spectators cheering them on all the way to the finish line.  Design Institute of San Diego turns the spotlight on some notable racetracks and stables and delves into the fascinating world of equine design. – Read More –

top interior design resources on social media

Top Interior Design Resources to Follow on Social Media

Design Institute of San Diego has compiled a list of the top interior design resources (the most influential professional resources)  to follow on social media platforms.  Our school of interior design’s qualified staff researched which professionals, blog sites, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest pages are receiving the most heat with followers.  The most popular resources are also among the most inspirational sites for interior design students and professionals working in the field.

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