2017 Gift Guide

2017 Holiday Gift Guide: Best Stocking Stuffers

By: Mae Case, DISD

The presents under the tree always take center stage during the holidays, but this year, we think the trinkets in your stocking can be fierce competition. With the holidays quickly approaching, we’ve put together a list of some splendid gifts to sneak into the stockings hanging on the mantle this year. Here is our 2017 Holiday Gift Guide: Best Stocking Stuffers edition:

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Interior Design + Globalization

By: Rick Hess/Mae Case, DISD

Today, you can simply click on a button and instantaneously be connected to someone several time zones and thousands of miles away. Distance no longer poses the same challenges it used to prior to the age of the Internet, allowing relationships to evolve in ways that were impossible before. Because we now have the world at our fingertips, many businesses are finding that the best and possibly fastest way to grow is to look beyond their national borders. Globalization is “a process of interaction and integration among the people, companies, and governments of different nations, a process driven by international trade and investment and aided by information technology,” according to the SUNY Levin Institute. Interior design and architectural firms, like other companies, are embracing this and making changes to their business strategies. We identified three major aspects of globalization that designers and architects should consider in order to move to the forefront of the design industry: Cultural Knowledge and Research, Identifying Global Trends, and Education. – Read More –

Innovative Cities Final

Innovative Cities

By: Rick Hess, DISD

Are you traveling as spring makes its way around the corner? Or have you ever wondered what city you should put on your bucket list?  If so, we at Design Institute have come up with five innovative cities within the United States for you to visit.  If you appreciate well designed cities as much as we do, then take a dive as we explore what makes these special destinations so unique. – Read More –

Holiday Gift Ideas

Holiday Gift Ideas for Designers: Students’ Choice

By: Rick Hess/Mae Case, DISD

Creative types are often the hardest people to shop for. Already known for their discerning taste, trying to impress the design lover in your life can be quite the challenge. To put your mind at ease, we took the guesswork out of the equation by asking Design Institute of San Diego’s interior design students what they’d like to have wrapped up for them this holiday season.  We’ve comprised a list of unique gifts for creative individuals, and for anyone else that appreciates great design. – Read More –

Home of an Art Collector 3

Interior Design: The Home of an Art Collector

By: Rick Hess/Mae Case DISD

It’s often said that life imitates art. This is probably most literal for the avid art collector, someone who enjoys displaying valuable art pieces in their living space. Designing the home of an art collector is no different than designing for any residence in that to be successful, striking a balance between creativity and functionality is key. In any well-designed space, the placement of art pieces within a home is deliberate. For instance, when it comes to valuable paintings, placing them away from vents, fireplaces, wet walls and radiators is something to consider in order to preserve the work. Lighting is also important when displaying paintings in a home – allowing direct sunlight is something you’d want to avoid to prevent fading and drying out.

Of course, there are many other factors to consider for an art collector’s home, making it a great idea to consult a professional interior designer to ensure that your artistic pieces will be displayed optimally. Design Institute of San Diego explores several stand-out examples of homes that find the perfect balance of showcasing priceless works of art and creating livable spaces for their unique owners. – Read More –

Restaurant Design -

Restaurant Design

By: Rick Hess/Mae Case, DISD

Dining out is a centuries-old social ritual that has evolved with the times, but has yet to lose its appeal. The experience of treating yourself to a meal prepared expertly by someone else, amongst the company of your family or friends, in a space designed purely for your comfort and enjoyment is hard to match. Whether you’re seeking a dimly-lit establishment or a night out with friends in a loud bar, there is a restaurant out there that offers the dining experience you’re craving.

Designing a successful restaurant concept is similar to building a well-oiled machine. It’s a space with reciprocal parts that should be constructed purposefully in order to run like clockwork. The kitchen (known as the Back of House) and the retail space/dining area (known as the Front of House), are influenced by each other and must work closely together to support a successful operation. Moreover, the décor of the space should entertain the diners and provide a memorable experience that entices them to return. Design Institute of San Diego explores several local eateries that have made a name for themselves thanks to their delicious cuisine and impeccable interior designs, several of which have been nominated for Orchid Awards in the San Diego Architectural Foundation’s 2015 Orchids & Onions. – Read More –