3 Tips to Fast Track Your Transfer into DI

Considering a transfer to Design Institute of San Diego?  We assist numerous transfer students each year and our Fast Track Transfer process makes it a breeze!  We’ve streamlined the process so that you can remain focused on the excitement of beginning a new journey and finding a happy home at DI. Just follow these three, simple steps:

Tips to Fast Track Your Transfer into DI

Understand the process

Every single student is different, and that’s why our transfer process is personalized to the needs of each individual. Once you make the decision to begin the transfer process into DI, we will need your transcripts to tell us which courses we can award credit for. But that’s just the start, so head to our Transfer Admission page for a more comprehensive breakdown of what exactly is needed to begin the transfer process.

Get a free, transfer evaluation

A transfer evaluation will determine what previous college credit you have that will transfer into our Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design degree program. DI will accept up to 45 units in the interior design major and up to 36 units in general education taken at other accredited schools, if completed with a grade of “C” or better and if they relate to our degree requirements.

Have you have earned a previous degree from an accredited institution? DI will consider your general educations courses fulfilled unless the degree is lacking in areas that support the interior design major. The transfer evaluation will also determine how long it will take you to complete the degree at DI and how your transfer credit can reduce overall tuition costs. The personal transfer evaluation service is reserved for applicants to our college, but we would be happy to further explain how the process works!  To request transfer information, e-mail our admissions team at admissions@disd.edu, or call us at 858-566-1200.

Speak to current transfer students or graduates  

The best advice comes from those who have firsthand experience! Ask us to connect you with students and graduates who have walked in your shoes and transferred into DI. Gaining their perspective will assist you in your own journey and give you more confidence in the process! In the meantime, you can also watch this video as well as this one to hear directly from students and faculty members about their own personal transfer experience.