50 Shades of Black: Going Bold with Dark Interiors

By: Rick Hess/Mae Case, DISD

Often equated with elegance, boldness and mystery, black in interior design is usually reserved for accents within a space. Rarely are whole rooms dedicated to this dramatic, neutral shade – until now. Some may say that black is “back,” however, many will rightly say that it never really went anywhere. It has always been a popular, classic color choice in design, but we are now seeing an evolution in its use. Various shades of black are at the forefront of interior trends. From matte black surfaces and chalkboard accent walls, to stained concrete flooring and a general love of sleek, modern design, drenching whole rooms in this dark hue rather than teaming it up with other, subtler shades is as “in” as you can be at the moment.

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