Interior Landscape Design

Interior Landscape Design

By: Rick Hess / Mae Case, DISD

Have you noticed more and more living walls and vertical gardens popping up in your city?  While some interior design trends come and go in the blink of an eye (remember when Pinterest was awash in herringbone?), Design Institute of San Diego expects interior landscape design to be a sustainability trend with staying power, since these plant features can bring health benefits as well as an intriguing focal point.  Although designers and architects have been incorporating plants into their spaces for decades, as the desire to “go green” has gone mainstream, clients are increasingly interested in design features that put their green credentials on display.  Or the chef at the new restaurant on the block may opt to grow his or her own herbs within the restaurant walls, supporting the local movement.  Interior designers may also choose to bring a landscape architect onto the team to design a vertical garden in their client’s lobby.  However it’s implemented, interior landscape design is catching on in a very big way and its benefits are plentiful.

Interior Landscape Design 7
Hotel Hugo, New York

Hotel Hugo in New York’s Hudson Square offers its guests a unique experience by providing living green walls throughout the hotel.  The experience begins with beautiful foliage growing behind the reception counter in the entry, and the private dining room connects visitors to nature with a horticultural wall spanning the entire length of the space.

Interior Landscape Design 8
Hotel Hugo, New York



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Renaissance Barcelona Fira Hotel, Barcelona

The Renaissance Barcelona Fira Hotel features an elaborate vertical garden floating between two major structures.  The atrium is filled with vegetation and palm trees, improving indoor air quality while providing a rich green environment.  According to a as architecture, “these plants create a make-shift greenhouse, with greenery meeting guests on every floor.”

Interior Landscape Design 4
Renaissance Barcelona Fira Hotel, Barcelona



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Izakaya Den, Denver

The Isakaya Den is known as “the sushi capital of Denver” and its interior landscape design truly sets this Japanese restaurant apart from the rest.  The luscious garden of bamboo provides an indoor/outdoor connection that visitors are sure to remember.

Interior Landscape Design 5
Izakaya Den, Denver



Interior Landscape Design 1
The Patio on Goldfinch, San Diego

Beatriz Arrues, an integral part of the design team for The Patio Restaurant Group, has been instrumental in implementing “living green walls” in Southern California. The newly opened Patio on Goldfinch in San Diego’s Mission Hills neighborhood is just one location incorporating this beautiful design. The green wall spans two stories and is comprised of local San Diego plants, Hawaiian botanicals, and even carnivorous species. The living wall has a custom-built irrigation system and is maintained by her team.


Interior Landscape Design 2
Hongqiao International Medical Center Shared Facility, Shanghai

The Hongqiao International Medical Center in Shanghai is a superb example of using interior landscape design to assist in the healing process. Studies suggest that well-designed gardens can improve health outcomes for patients, and reduce stress in healthcare workers and patients’ families as well as in the patients themselves. Gardens provide spaces for patients to relax, to enjoy either privacy or socialization, and to take a break from the clinical environment. Gardens can also be used as a more peaceful setting for some physical therapy activities. Finally, plants can remove up to 50 percent of airborne molds and bacteria, dramatically improving the indoor air quality.



Interior Landscape Design 9
British Gas headquarters, Oxford

The new headquarters of British Gas, a large natural gas and electricity supplier, is one of the most sustainable facilities in the world.  The design includes a 3-story living wall that has an integrated irrigation system.  This gorgeous living wall was created with an interior designer’s eye, providing a visually striking element while adding a functional sustainable feature to the building.

Interior Landscape Design 10
British Gas headquarters, Oxford


In a society that is rapidly evolving to satisfy our thirsts for faster technologies and greater convenience, the implementation of interior landscape design in a project is not only trendy, but a necessity. Interior landscapes can be aesthetically pleasing, adding a layer of lushness to a space, while providing benefits unmatched by any other material or finish. More and more designers, clients and consumers are waking up to the need to preserve the quality of our environment, and in response the design world is creating spaces and products that are simultaneously innovative and eco-conscious.





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