Exploring Color, Texture, and Pattern through Hospitality Design

Exploring Color, Texture, and Pattern through Hospitality Design

By:  Rick Hess/Mae Case, DISD


Color, Texture, and Pattern through Hospitality Design

No one really knows why they enjoy the things that they do. We are drawn to particular objects and places and rarely stop to consider what’s behind that pull. Our surrounding environments and the elements within them can dramatically affect moods and feelings, but just what is it about them that prompts action or influences our emotions? In the creative realm, interior designers are aware of the power behind three essential design elements: color, texture and pattern. Interior designers use these elements intentionally in varied ways throughout every space, always keeping the concept and goals of the project in mind, and these three components are often largely responsible for a person’s gut reaction when stepping into a room.

Three Essential Design Elements 1
Hotel Encanto, Acapulco, Mexico

Color is perhaps the most important element for interior designers and architects.  When Mexican Architect Miguel Angel Aragones designed Hotel Encanto in Acapulco, Mexico, he took the beautiful Mexican sunset as his inspiration for the color palettes of the public spaces.  The suites within the building provide a direct user experience as well.  “The chromatic variability was designed with colors that harmonize with the hotel; [guests] can give a color to the interior of the room” explains architect Aragones.  Guests enjoy dramatic ocean views during the day while having the ability to adjust their guest suite interior lighting color at night.

Three Essential Design Elements 2
Hotel Encanto, Acapulco, Mexico
Three Essential Design Elements 3
Hotel Encanto, Acapulco, Mexico



Three Essential Design Elements 4
Hard Rock Hotel, San Diego, California

As Hard Rock Hotel expands internationally, the creative use of texture in the luxury suite interiors may be one key to the chain’s success.  Along with bold color, the interior designers for Hard Rock play with texture in an attempt to leave a lasting impression on their guests.  The San Diego location uses various textures throughout its design to excite the senses.  The combinations of hard and soft textures along with solid color play a key role in energizing the guest.

Three Essential Design Elements 5
Hard Rock Hotel, Chicago, Illinois
Three Essential Design Elements 6
Hard Rock Hotel, Playa d’en Bossa Beach, Ibiza

The Playa d’en Bossa Beach Hard Rock Hotel takes a different approach, using texture in a subtle and soft way to keep the focus on the beautiful ocean views.



Three Essential Design Elements 7
Hotel Missoni, Edinburgh, Scotland

Pattern is another key element in interior design, and it is used dramatically in Hotel Missoni in Edinburgh, Scotland, designed by Rosita Missoni in conjunction with architects Matteo Thun & Partners.  Starting with a simple palette of black and white, rooms are enlivened with check and striped patterns, along with furniture and accent walls of bold, bright colors. Equally striking are the patterns on the large mosaic urns at the entrance, which were created by Missoni’s son Luca.

Three Essential Design Elements 8
Hotel Missoni, Edinburgh, Scotland
Three Essential Design Elements 9
Hotel Missoni, Edinburgh, Scotland


Design-conscious travelers and tourists care about the appearance of a hotel as much as the amenities. Some will revel in the stark minimalism of Hotel Encanto while others will prefer the bold Hard Rock Hotel rooms. But whatever the style, each unique fusion of color with pattern and texture evokes a different mood or emotion, and attracts a different group of people. There is a never-ending array of colors, textures and patterns at our disposal, providing designers with a myriad of possibilities when designing a space.




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