Inspiration in Unlikely Places

By: Lisa Schattman, DISD Librarian


What goes into a successful interior design project? Certainly knowledge is crucial: knowledge of space planning, human behavior, client needs and wishes, building codes and systems, textiles and other materials, furniture, the basic elements of design, color, lighting, energy efficiency and other issues of sustainability, historical styles, current trends, and much more inform a design solution. As you might expect, the DISD Library at Design Institute of San Diego supports our students by providing information in all of the areas they need to craft residential, commercial and institutional spaces.

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Residential Design for Health and Longevity

By: Cynthia Leibrock

Imagine your home as a place for regeneration, a sanctuary for healing the wounds of the outside world.  It is clean, not cluttered and unmanageable.  It prevents disease and injury and restores you when the inevitable occurs.  It regenerates you on a daily basis, supporting good sleep, encouraging exercise, making it fun to do healthy cooking. – Read More –

Cabin Fever 1

Cabin Fever: Guest Post on Cabin Design – DISD Interior Design Blog

By: Jennifer Fis, Kindle Living

With the winter season here and the closing of an eventful year it is easy to imagine oneself in a secluded cabin surrounded by nature. Kindle Living reminds us of unforgettable experiences celebrating the relationship between humans, structure and landscape. Allow this blog entry to capture your senses and take you back to that moment when you found yourself reconnecting with beautiful surroundings.  – DISD – Read More –