425 Square Foot Manhattan Micro-Loft

425 Square Foot Manhattan Micro-Loft

By: Rick Hess, DISD

Ever wonder how interior designers and architects create an open and spacious feel in an extremely small footprint? Architecture firm Specht Harpman managed to do just that in a 425 square foot Manhattan micro-loft, located in the city’s Upper West Side. Making use of every available square inch, their thoughtful design solution transforms the original space from one with no room for furniture into a functional and attractive home.

Micro-Loft Kitchen

Upon entering the loft one is greeted by a beautifully crafted kitchen full of light-colored materials, including white lacquered cabinets and a frosted glass backsplash. The clean lines of flip-up storage units and concealed appliances make the space feel larger. The kitchen counter wraps around and pulls you into the living room, where it houses a built-in entertainment center and plenty of seating.

Micro-Loft Stairs

Stairs to the upper sleeping quarters are cleverly designed to accommodate multiple storage compartments. The beautiful dark wood of the stairs and flooring contrasts with the surrounding white surfaces. The painted brick wall contributes to the light and airy feel of the unit.

Micro-Loft Bedroom

In the loft area, the bed extends out over the living space to maximize square footage. Stairs, also concealing storage, lead to an open green roof with views of the city beyond.

Micro-Loft Rendering

This extremely intelligent design takes advantage of the vertical space in its entirety. Solutions like the bedroom lofted above the living quarters and the bathroom tucked under the stairs contribute towards maximizing space. With clever design solutions and thoughtful use of materials Specht Harpman has created a model for creative space planning of the future.


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