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Yacht Interior Design

By: Rick Hess/Mae Case, DISD

When does a sea vessel cross the line from being just an ordinary boat to an extravagant yacht? While both give us the unique experience of enjoying life on the high seas , yachts, known to be the epitome of excess and luxury, allow affluent people to marry their love for the sea with their penchant for lavish living. With the most costly yachts in the world surpassing the $300 million mark in building costs, these vessels may be the most expensive option in both luxury goods and vacation retreats. When budget isn’t an issue, yacht interior designers, builders and owners pull out all the stops to create over-the-top sea dwellings.

Even when cost is not the most significant factor in yacht design, it remains a major one due to the extra challenges that surface when adapting current design trends from the mainland to the special conditions of being out at sea. Being mindful of the unique surroundings allow yacht designers to create innovative design solutions without sacrificing personal design aesthetics. The Design Institute of San Diego explores some of these most outrageous yachts, and “superyachts,” sailing through the ocean blue at the moment.   Allow this post to pull you inside the realm of yacht interior design and leave you sailing into the horizon.

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